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Q. Why is Food Alchemy Papua coffee different from other coffee?

A. Papua Coffee is grown organically in a pristine tropical Rainforest. The best quality Coffee plants combined with mineral rich soil at high altitude produce the most delicious beans which are high in anti-oxidants, non-acidic and detoxifying. Food Alchemy roasts Papua beans exclusively!

Q. Why Real Salt?

A. Real Salt, mined in Utah is a Dead Sea salt indigenous to this land mass. It is pristine and un-processed, keeping over 50 minerals and trace minerals intact. This excellent source of organic sodium helps to detoxify, alkalize and balance electrolytes.

Q. Why are liquid supplements better?

A. Liquid supplements are more bio-available which means that they are easily absorbed to nourish cells, repair damage and boost organ function.

Q. Why organic?

A. We recommend organic products whenever possible because they are grown in soil which is free of pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizer. These chemicals not only deplete the nutrient value of the food but contain "excitotoxins" that literally kill braincells!

Q. Why Duck Eggs?

A. Duck eggs provide high quality protein and more vitamins and minerals than chicken eggs do. Duck Eggs are abundant in B2 for healthy skin. They help with proper metabolism of fats and production of healthy RNA and DNA. And they are not genetically modified!

Q. Why Bison?

A. Very lean high quality protein that provides essential amino acids for healthy muscle tissue. Pure grass-fed and finished bison does not contribute to build up of LDL and is not genetically modified.

Q. Why Goat's milk?

A. Goat's milk protein is the closest to healthy mother's milk and rich in blood pressure lowering hormone; tryptophan. An excellent source of bioavailable organic calcium for healthy bones and biotin for healthy hair and skin. It helps with weight loss by reducing LDL and assisting in digestion of carbohydrates.