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Storing your Papua Coffee

Each order of our Papua Coffee is custom-roasted and shipped in special coffee bags which feature a one way valve that allows carbon dioxide to escape without allowing air in. Storing your coffee properly means fresh tasting coffee every time.

Once the package is opened we recommend the CoffeeVac to protect the precious essential oils present in Papua Coffee. The “CoffeeVac” is a special storage canister that helps maintain freshness and potency. We recommend the amber colored CoffeeVac to block out the full light spectrum. It is made of a food grade quality, BPA free, heavy duty, yet lightweight plastic.

The CoffeeVac prevents exposure to the four factors that breakdown coffee, herbs, and spices:
  • Moisture
  • Air
  • Heat
  • Light
Preventing exposure to moisture, air, heat, and light increases shelf life. For extended storage keep the airtight container in the freezer. (For example when you leave on vacation).

For your convenience CoffeeVacs can be shipped with your Papua Coffee!