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Start feeling better now! Take these simple steps toward Living Beyond Organic.


1. Drinking more water (Eight 8 oz glasses per day minimum)

2. pH balance with Super Enzyme Foods

3. Being mindful and chewing food well

4. Preparing food in quality stainless steel, cast iron, glass, clay or porcelain.

5. Deep Cleansing Breaths to reduce stress


1. Microwave use

2. Eating late (Do not eat after 7pm)

3. Iodized table salt & refined sugar

4. Non-stick and Aluminum cookware

5. All GMO products

Nutritional Guidance, by Christina Avaness

Christina Avaness, Food Alchemist and author of Living Beyond Organic, will personally guide you through a private session on:

- implementing the essentials of a beyond organic kitchen
- how to alchemize your favorite recipes
- simple ways to enhance your home environment
- everyday tips on how to de-stress

Food Alchemy is the art of transforming any recipe into a life-infusing meal with the right ingredients. Embrace wellness by boosting organ function through Super-Enzyme Foods to improve the immune system and manifest balance in the body, so you can live to your full potential!


Nutritional guidance is available on our website!