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Papua’s unique flavor and delightful aroma has its origins in the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee plants, which are known to yield the world’s most celebrated coffee. These gourmet beans and the rare Peaberry are roasted exclusively to satisfy the connoisseur. We offer the greatest variety of roasts, grinds and spiced organic coffee.

Papua Coffee Originates in a Clean and Non-Toxic Environment

Papua New Guinea is a land of varied terrain, from high mountains and tropical rain forests, to grassy plains and sandy beaches with coral reefs. Situated north of Australia, this pristine tropical paradise provides the ideal location to grow the finest coffee in the world.

Papua’s unique flavor and delightful aroma has its origins in the world-renowned Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee plants, which were transported to Papua New Guinea in 1927. The beloved traditional flavors from this original plant line were embellished with floral and fruity hints from the new environment, giving rise to a coffee that is truly exceptional.

We selected the best Arabica beans, grown naturally and farmed without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides. Because it is grown in high altitudes, unlike its flavorless counterpart Robusta, Arabica is a much higher quality coffee bean and has been consistently selected for the European and Japanese markets.

Papua New Guinea’s coffee industry is not based upon large, corporately owned plantations, but rather on thousands of small, village coffee gardens, which produce over 70% of the annual exportable crop. An eternally renewable resource, this “green gold” provides income and stability for generations of small growers in coffee-producing provinces.

Papua Coffee is certified Kosher. The word "Parve" (also spelled as "Pareve" or "Parevine") is very functional. It means a guarantee that the food product does not contain any meat or dairy products, and it has not come in contact with either. So it is very useful for all the vegetarians, and vegans as well as those who adhere to kosher lifestyle.