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Grown organically and nourished with natural, nutrient-rich mulch, the crop is kept free of pests and disease through the caring effort of watchful eyes, tending hands, and a sharp pair of secateurs. The high altitude of the growing areas combined with this traditional cultivation of the trees produces a coffee, which stands apart from its acidic rivals.


Our perfectly roasted gourmet coffee brewed in a French press is a smooth and unforgettable experience. For the most satisfying cup of coffee, try it, and taste for yourself!


Independent Australian and European laboratories have confirmed the absence of any trace elements of chemicals, pollutants and the subsequent, uncharacteristically low levels of caffeine and acidity. Many fans of Papua Coffee have shared testimonials and are currently experiencing alkalizing, detoxifying effects by drinking this coffee every morning. These health benefits are largely attributed to both the climate and a commitment to wholesomeness and integrity in an increasingly toxic world. Although there has been no scientific experimentation conducted as of yet, based on the numerous results we’ve seen and multiple cases we’ve witnessed through daily interactions with our customers, we have come to believe that the internal biochemistry of the body is in fact altered by this coffee. Much like the tangerine, the slightly acidic pH actually participates in a series of chemical reactions within our digestive tract that has an overall alkalizing effect. Those extremely sensitive to caffeine and prone to acidity no longer have their typical bouts with acid reflux, anxiety and post-caffeine jitters, but rather have reported back to us with claims of feeling an increased sense of well being. We hope this information encourages you to experience Papua and decide for yourself…


Unlike most other coffee, Papua does not cause dehydration. Since it is non-acidic the body does not have to take measures to flush out acidity.


Our Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee beans are pure, free of exposure to harmful chemicals and environmental pollutants. A natural result of its pristine composition and alkalizing properties, this coffee is also strongly detoxifying. Far from aggravating existing disease conditions, Papua has actually alleviated many symptoms of prior complaint. The custom roasting releases the beneficial essential oils that help draw toxins from the body into the colon for elimination. There are natural healers who use Papua coffee extract to cleanse.

Papua Coffee Gets High Praise from Health & Fitness Professionals

Alkalizing Coffee!

Mihoko M. Nelsen,
MD Board Certified Neurologist
Pasadena, CA

“I have been on the Living Beyond Organic lifestyle since November of 2009. When I was first introduced to Papua coffee for its alkaline and detoxifying effects, I was skeptical because I had stopped drinking coffee about 10 years prior to avoid its common adverse effects. I no longer experience any symptoms related to acidity or dehydration. What’s even more remarkable is that since I’ve started enjoying Papua, I’ve noticed that my digestion has improved, skin has become more vibrant, and my aches and pains are gone! It is difficult to imagine life without my large, delicious cup of Papua coffee every morning. (I like adding Sucanat, organic heavy cream and cinnamon!). I no longer experience any symptoms related to acidity or dehydration.”

Enjoying Coffee Again

Jeannie Kang, MSTOM, DNBAO, DNBIM, L.Ac
Acupuncturist, Oriental Medicine Practitioner, Herbologist

“When I learned about Papua coffee, I had avoided having any coffee for over 20 years. I liked coffee, especially in college, but when drinking it started causing extreme heart palpitations and a possible visit to the ER…I knew I had to stop! Trying Papua at the urging of my friends around 9:30 (PM!) was a scary thought, since I had a strict nothing-caffeinated-past-noon policy. I took the risk, resigned that I’d have a terrible night ahead of me, and tried it. I sat in anticipation for over 30 minutes – but no palpitations, no anxiety. I was ok! I was more than ok! The fact that I can have coffee again AND it’s healthy for me…well that’s a miracle as far as I am concerned. I now recommend Papua to my patients and friends and they love it too!”

Pleasantly surprised


"As a mind/body psychotherapist and healer, I know that what we put into our bodies affects our emotional, mental and physical well-being. Even so I was still an avid coffee drinker for decades, I finally gave it up due to the acidic effects that were causing health problems. When I first read Living Beyond Organic, I was initially skeptical about another new way of eating. I would not have embraced this remarkable lifestyle if I were not drawn by the Papua coffee, which was described as alkalizing. After 7 years of coffee-less breakfasts, I was amazed when I first tasted Papua. It was smooth, velvety, and best of all, no heartburn! I was also pleasantly surprised that I felt energized without the jitters! Now I am an ardent fan of Living Beyond Organic thanks to Papua!"


Robin A. Hall, D.O.
Board Certified, Family Medicine

"Coffee has always been an integral part of my morning routine for years. Unfortunately, it would make me feel thirsty, dehydrated, and hungry, if I drank too much. After learning about acidic and alkaline foods in the past few years (not part of the medical school curriculum over 20 years ago), I realized that I was staying acidic mostly due to my coffee habit. I was so excited to hear about Papua coffee. Once I tasted it, I was hooked! The coffee tastes great, leaves no aftertaste, and doesn't make me feel dehydrated. Better yet, it is NOT ACIDIC like regular coffee, and therefore much better for my overall health. My entire staff loves it. I am now recommending it to my patients."

Papua for Brain Power

Ulrike Stedtnitz, Ph.D., Cert. Ed. Psychologist FSP
Zurich, Switzerland

"As a professional working with kids, teens and adults affected by learning and attention issues, I am keenly aware of the role that nutrition plays in achieving a sharp mind and emotional balance. It all starts with the foods that we take in every day. Avoiding toxins as much as possible is key to a great brain. Papua Coffee can help us flush out unnecessary toxins thanks to its detoxifying properties. Additionally, Papua Coffee is actually alkaline, so it effectively supports good health and a strong immune system. I recommend Papua coffee to anyone who is looking to achieve optimal mental and physical health and operate at their peak as a result! Personally, me and my family have been enjoying the Living Beyond Organic lifestyle for four years now, and we have never felt better.”

Exception to the Rule!

George DiGianni
Syndicated Radio Show Host Fitness Expert

“I have always loved the aroma of coffee but was never a coffee drinker. After speaking with Christina on my radio show in 2010 about the benefits of Papua coffee I had to try it. At first I tried it for its medicinal properties, then I fell into the melting pot with all other coffee aficionados. The only difference was that I was now drinking coffee most people are not aware of and can proudly say that I will only drink a high quality single origin coffee like Papua. The big coffee houses are losing market share to an inexpensive, better tasting coffee with health benefits to it. I love it so much that now I cannot leave my home without having several cups and have made many new believers and followers of Papua coffee. Thanks Christina for sharing about the alkalizing and detoxifying effects of Papua coffee.”